About Me


Hello Folks, I am Matt Copperwaite. Born and raised in London, studied Computer Systems and Networks at University of Plymouth until 2009 where I started work at Logica. I now work for the UK Government.

I am hugely interested in Free software, hardware hacking, open hardware, open standards, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, accessibility, Python development, food, drink.

I am also what they call a the LUG master (the one who operates Linux User Groups) of the Greater London Linux User Group which has many excellent members. I organise for them semi-regular events for drinks, laughs and the latest Linux chat.

I am also a member of the London Hack Space. I do odd jobs there and help out where I can. It's a bunch of great guys and a great cause.

I also am the voice of reason on The Dick Turpin Road Show podcast. A humorous fortnightly podcast centred around the world of Linux and technology with an aim to be welcoming to new members of the community and get them up to speed with the latest goings on in the community.

I am also a serial HackCamp attendee and have met and built many marvellous things.

I rarely say no to anything. I'm usually up for anything that sounds like a good idea. Do come and say hi.